What is HEX.com Crypto

The Definition of HEX Crypto.

HEX is an ERC-20 token and fully automated in the form of a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain and PULSE Chain Blockchain.

HEX is the first Contract on Ethereum which works as a Cetificate of Deposit.

Unlike normal banking certificate of deposits, where you relly on a third party entity in order to guarantee funds and rewards, HEX Crypto is FULLY DECENTRALIZED.

This means it does not have admin keys (governed by a central entity) and HEX code is fully immutable (cannot be changed/edited).

Users who own their own Private keys / Seed phrases can interact and transact in total transparency with the HEX contract which was deployed by the HEX.com Deployer address

HEX is also available on 3 other Chains PLS, ETHW, ETHF

In the future if a chain would like to Fully State copy the ETH EVM, the HEX contract will also be fully copied onto that chain, Certain conditions may not include ERC20 copies please DYOR before acting upon any information provided.

The official HEX contract

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