The true Utility of HEX

As described by @cryptothaFamous on twitter Spaces.

The True Power of HEX is the ability to interact with the contract decentrally with no middle man.

In the HEX contract there is a constant daily inflation which can equate to a total of aprox. 3.69% / year.

The inflation is calculated as

Calculate payout round

        Inflation of 3.69% inflation per 364 days             (approx 1 year)
        dailyInterestRate   = exp(log(1 + 3.69%)  / 364) - 1
                            = exp(log(1 + 0.0369) / 364) - 1
                            = exp(log(1.0369) / 364) - 1
                            = 0.000099553011616349            (approx)

        payout  = allocSupply * dailyInterestRate
                = allocSupply / (1 / dailyInterestRate)
                = allocSupply / (1 / 0.000099553011616349)
                = allocSupply / 10044.899534066692            (approx)
                = allocSupply * 10000 / 100448995             (* 10000/10000 for int precision)

Those who own the private keys are able to use HEX to interact with the contract in order to receive a portion of the daily inflation payout. The representation of the proportion is quantified and valued in Shares. Although THE Shares are not physically assigned to public key, the contracts records the event and always two distincts interactions:

  1. Choose a time lock between 1-5555 days

  2. Choose the amount of HEX you choose to lock up.

Once approved and Txn is approved at 00h00 UTC of the next day. The amount of Hearts (what is satoshis to BTC) is burned and Shares are recorded.

This equates to : for the total % one has in shares compared to the total amount of Shares that exist that will equate to the %total of how much they will receive for the days payout in inflated HEX.

Also it is calculated as Payout per TSHARE by community.

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