what makes HEX different?

how does HEX set itself a part from the rest of the ERC-20s

Unlike the usual ERC-20 ,who are not only highly centralized with admin keys, HEX offers the ability to interact with ADMINLESS contract with immutable Code. This true DEFi utility always the Creation of other ERC-20 to utilize the power of the HEX and build on top of it. This has never been done before.

Even HEX is a growing interest and CEXs are slowly adding HEX to their list of available coins. HEX's Liquidity is also highly concentrated in Uniswap V2- V3 pools.

OTHER Utilities which differs with HEX and other ERC-20 DEFI coins are:

  1. When Interacting with the HEX contract you don't need to give approval permissions which eliminates the "third party/counter party risk" due to the fact that you own your own keys.

e.g. On pancake swap , you need to approve your CAKE into the DAPPs contract and give it your coins for it to hold.

e.g. On uniswap in order to create LP you need to approve the selected coins you wish to provide.

these permissions access granted functions have, in the past been the issue to numerous contract exploits which basically comes down to


  1. Unlike LPs or single side staking on fees generating platforms like Uniswap, AAVE, pancakeswap, and other defi protocols, HEX contract doesnt generate its rewards from fees of other transactions. It actually pays you off the daily inflation that occurs everyday which is a % of the total circulating supply. This creates a reward that is trully decentralized and not given due to Dapp activity. HEX stakers dont need new users in order to get rewards daily. If only 1 person is staking he receives 100% of the Inflation /daily . If 2 users are staking, one with 30% of the t-shares and the other 70% than one user will receive 30% of the inflation and the other 70%.

This creates a true Trustless DEFI yielding protocol without the need for a Dapp User activity. No one gives your rewards. You mint your rewards with your own Keys.

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